Q. What payment method do you support?

We currently accept all major debit/credit card including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

Q. Can I get refund after the payment is completed?

No, we don’t refund any money. So please be sure for what plan and credits you are paying for. Once you pay for the plan or credits is final and no refund will be given afterwords. When you are paying you are agreeing to our refund policy.

Q. How monthly pricing plan works?

For monthly plan each 30 days your credits will renew after successful payment. So if you purchased 100K plan and you spend 90K credits next month it will renew to 100K again after the payment is done.

Q. Are my data protected when I'm uploading to KleenData?

Yes, your data is always protected when you upload the file to clean. We never share any of the user information to anyone.

Q. Where I can find my invoice?

You will find your invoice to your email and also on our customer portal.

Q. Email validation credits have any expiration date?

No, once you purchase the credits, they will never expire. You can use the credits to verify your list at anytime.

Q. Why my file is taking a long time to clean?

Your email is being processed using our 240 real-time scan processing system. Sometimes remote servers refused to talk initially but after 30 minutes or so it gives access to validate the email.

If you see your file is stuck for more than an hour let us know. We will have a look and will try to process it faster. Normally a file of 100K emails list can take about 3 hours to process.

Q. I see less than what I uploaded as CSV when it got it as cleaned file, Why is that?

KleenData.com cleaning system automatically removes duplicates file if theya are present on your CSV file. So if you see the number of records are not matching with what you uploaded that means it's removed the duplicates records.

Q. How do I contact KleenData?

You can reach us via contact form on our website or using the LiveChat.

Q. I can't see the verification email from KleenData to confirm my account, What should I do?

When you register for an KleenData account, KleenData will send you a verification email to confirm your account. You can simply click on the verificaiton link to verify your account.

If you don't see any email from KleenData on your INBOX, check your SPAM/Junk folder to find the email. If you can't see on any of the folder on your mailbox then possibly you misspelled your email address.