Hygiene & Bounce Removal Service

This is our process. Simple as it is
01. Signup

Signup for a TRIAL service and get started to Kleen your list with us.

02. Upload The List

Upload your list to our highly secure managment portal to start your list Kleening process.

03. Analyze Your List

You can check the status of your list Kleening process on the dashboard and once it's done you will get notified automatically.

04. Downlaod & Upload on ESP

Once the Kleening process is done download your list and put it on your favourite ESP.


These are the features we provide, these makes us stand apart.
we are experts in list HYGIENE & BOUNCE REMOVAL process. Our highly dedicated programmer always take care of the system so you don't have to worry about the result you are expecting from us.
"At KleenData we always care about our customer and his valuadble data. This is why we created a highly secured user management system to serve the best to the csutomer. You don't have to worry about yoru list being watched by any other person or being sold in other places like anyother services. We respect our customer privacy and keep it private.


Some things you should know about us.
Email delivery issue in a BIG thing when you are going to send an campiagn. That's why we develop a system to help you out.

When you are going to send an email campiagn there was always must have Kleen email list to get most out of a campiagn. So we develope a platform this way anyone can be benifited using this. Our service hleps you get maximum result from a campiagn. Since we remove all bad stuffs from a list ISP like it and don't block to send email. Even Big ESP like Amazon SES will also let you run campiagn with good email data.



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