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Kleen list is always good things in email marketing to keep your database in good shape. Whithout it you can't make a succesfull campaign.

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How It Works

How Kleening works

We try to make it as simple as possible so our customer can use our service very easily.

Kleening Accuracy


Signup for a TRIAL service and get started to Kleen your list with us.



Upload your list to our highly secure managment portal to start your list Kleening process.



You can check the status of your list Kleening process on the dashboard and once it's done you will be notified immediately.



Once the Kleening process is done download your list and put it on your favourite ESP.


These are the features we provide, these makes us stand apart.

Remove DuplicateWe remove all of the duplicate entries before start the Kleening process so you don't have to pay for duplicate entries.

Threat IntelligenceWe will remove all of the SPAM Trap or Honeypot, Mole, Quarantine, Seed and Key from your list because any email messages sent to this address are immediately considered unsolicited.

Delivery IntelligenceWe will identify and remove the Invalid, Parked Site and Dormant Account so you can safely send your campaigns out.

Syntax VerificationWe will remove any sytax error from your email list.

Remove Risky DomainWe will remove all domain that can potential risk from your email list.

Complete AnalysisWe will completely analyze your email list and give you safe to send email list which you can use on any ESP out there.

We are experts in list HYGIENE & BOUNCE REMOVAL process. Our highly dedicated programmer always take care of the system so you don't have to worry about the result you are expecting from us.

At KleenData we always care about our customer and his valuadble data. This is why we created a highly secured user management system to serve the best to the csutomer. You don't have to worry about yoru list being watched by any other person or being sold in other places like anyother services. We respect our customer privacy and keep it private.

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